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Even 50 years after its inception, the rugged ACE is still the best lightweight and portable shallow exploration drill unit.  With a range of job tested features for dependable performance, many units have been running strong and in service for close to 50 years.  At Acker, we call that "value".
What separates the ACE?
Lightweight at under 3,000 lbs. [1,361 kg] and transported easily into difficult terrain.
Unit can be modularized for transport into extremely tight spaces.  Popular for work in dam galleries.
Drill Head swivels 360 degrees.
Various options and configurations.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit (Diesel) –
Diesel (2) two cylinder engine, 12-volt electric starting. 31 HP @ 3000 RPM.
Power Unit (Electric) –
15 HP @ 1,750 RPM, 230 volt electric motor with totally enclosed, fan cooled.  ** Electric Motor specifications may change based on customer's requirements.

Drill Head - 
AW6-S hydraulic drill head with 30" [762 mm] spindle travel, hand chuck with AW rod chuck jaws and thread protector.
RPM in Each Gear Range -
1st Gear - 204 RPM
2nd Gear - 422 RPM
3rd Gear - 772 RPM
4th Gear - 1,302 RPM

Transmission -
4-speed automotive type transmission with one speed in reverse.
Skid Frame -
Structural steel drag base with 16" [406 mm] slide base.
Oil Cooler -
Full flow hydraulic oil filter.
Feed Pressure Control Valve (Manual)
Main Winch -
Planetary type wire drum hoist with 75 ft. [22.8 m] of 5/16" [7.8 mm] hoisting cable and safety swivel hook.
Cathead -
Hydraulically powered cargo type hoist.
Optional Equipment
Optional Drill Head - 
Model NXC-2s with 30" [762 mm] spindle travel.  Speeds: 142, 295, 540, 912 and 117 in reverse.  3-5/8" [92.2 mm] spindle bore.  
Tachometer Kit - 
Electronic device to monitor RPM or drill rods.  
Wireline Hoist -
Hydraulically powered, used for wireline core drilling. 750 ft. [228 m] of 3/16" [4.8 mm] wireline cable and internal brake.

Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck Assembly -

"H" Chuck handles all rods/casings up to 3-1/2" [88.9 mm] OD.  Jaws must be changed for each rod or casing size.

Rod Clamp

Break-Out Wrench

Water Pump -

Quadraplex piston pump.  Flow capacity 13 GPM @ 600 psi.

Twin Pole Vertical Hole Derrick - 
Suited for 10 ft. [3.04 m] pulls and shallow hole applications.  Designed for twin pole main leg and two (2) back legs for raising and bracing the derrick.  Assembly includes double sheave for 1" [25.4 mm] manila rope and 5/16" [7.8 mm] cable.
Trailer -
Includes ball or pintle type hitch and equipped with electric brakes and four (4) hand screw leveling jacks.
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