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The Acker COLGROUTER is a self-contained mixer and pump designed to handle a wide range of grouting applications.  The COLGROUTER is a completely trailer-mounted unit, easily moved about at job-sites and contains many built-in features to develop a superior quality of grout which can be pumped over long distances.
What separates the COLGROUTER?
The COLGROUTER is used for pressure grouting, grouting tieback rods and cables, grouting tendon channels in post tensioned concrete, grouting behind tunnel linings, slurry jacking of pavement slabs, alluvial grouting, hydration of bentonite and other additives for drilling mud or slurry trenches, and many other applications requiring a quality grout mixer.
Hydraulically driven, infinitely variable progressive helical cavity design pump delivers grout with a smooth, pulsation free pressure.
High speed colloidial action whips up a smooth, stable grout within 15 seconds.
Self contained portable grout mixer and pump.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit –
Tier 4 Final.  (3) cylinder diesel, 39 HP @ 2,800 rpm with 12-volt electric start.  
Mixer - 
Colcrete grout mixer and cylindrical drum with a 4.7 cubic ft. [0.13 cubic m] capacity.
Pump - 
Open throat, progressing helical cavity type pump.  Pump output is 4.3 CFM [7.3 CMH] at 150 PSI.  
Holding Hopper -
A holding hopper with 7.0 cubic ft. [0.19 cubic m] capacity is mounted above pump.  Larger Holding Hopper available upon request.
Mounting -
Entire assembly is mounted on a single axle trailer.

All Necessary Plumbing, Valves, & Instrumentation
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