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Still the quintessential Helicopter Fly-In Rig, the BUSHMASTER is a modular, all hydraulic core drill rig designed for quick breakdown and setup in the most remote of locations.
What separates the BUSHMASTER?
Helicopter Fly-In Rig with maximum component weight of 1,900 pounds [861 kg].
High-speed coring drill head up to 1,200 RPM.  Optional high-torque drill head up to 3,200 ft. lbs. [15,591 Nm] of torque.
Standard Equipment

Power Unit

(4) cylinder diesel, air-cooled, 69 HP @ 2,400 RPM.  Mounted on a separate modular aluminum skid frame with lifting arrangement.  

Feed –

6 ft. [1.82 m] stroke and capable of 12,373 pounds [5,612 kg] upward thrust and 9,275 pounds [4,207 kg] pull down.

Drill Head - 

3-5/8" [92 mm] spindle bore, accepts all rod sizes up to "HW" and casing sizes up to "N".  Four (4) infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse. Drill head speeds are from zero to maximum RPM in each gear range.

Drill Head Speeds -

1st Gear (0-181 RPM)

2nd Gear (0-379 RPM)

3rd Gear (0-698 RPM)

4th Gear (0-1,200 RPM)


Mast -

Welded structural steel supports and guides the rotation and feed components.  Hydraulically positioned then rigidly held in position for drilling.  45 degree angle hole drilling capability.  Mast incorporates quick detach feature for transport of Mast Extension.  Extension allows 15 ft. [4.6 m] rod pulls.  Includes a crown block with sheaves.  .​

Mounting -

Modular drill assembly is mounted on a welded structural steel frame and includes lifting eyes.

Optional Equipment
Optional Drill Head -
High-torque Drill Head up to 3,200 ft. lbs. [15,591 Nm] of torque.

Main Drum Hoist -

6,000 lb. [2,721 kg] planetary type with rapid reverse and automatic brake.  Equipped with 75 ft. [22.8 m] of 3/8" [9.6 mm] cable.

Wireline Hoist -
Hydraulically powered, used for wireline core drilling. 1,500 ft. [457 m] of 3/16" [4.8 mm] wireline cable.

Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck Assembly -

"H" Chuck handles all rods/casings up to 3-1/2" [88.9 mm] OD.  Jaws must be changed for each rod or casing size.

Hand-Chuck -
(3) jaw quick disconnect Hand Chuck.  Assembly includes (1) set of carbide insert chuck jaws (customer to specify size).
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