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The HILLBILLY is a heavy-duty, skid-mounted core drill.  Time tested for several decades, the HILLBILLY will deep hole core in the most remote of places.
What separates the HILLBILLY? 
Heavy-duty skid-mounted core drill.​
Drill Head swivels 360 degrees.
Various options and configurations.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit –
Diesel (3) three cylinder engine, 12-volt electric starting.  48 HP @ 3000 rpm.

Drill Head - 
NX4-S hydraulic drill head with 30" [76 cm] spindle travel, hand chuck with AW rod chuck jaws and thread protector.  3-5/8" [92 mm] ID spindle bore.
RPM in Each Gear Range -
1st Gear - 201 RPM
2nd Gear - 416 RPM
3rd Gear - 761 RPM
4th Gear - 1,286 RPM

Transmission -
4-speed automotive type transmission with one speed in reverse.
Skid Frame -
Structural steel drag base with 16" [40.6 cm] slide base.​
Oil Cooler -
Full flow hydraulic oil filter.
Feed Pressure Control Valve (Manual)
Main Winch -
Planetary type wire drum hoist with 90 ft. [27.4 m] of 1/2" [12.7 mm] hoisting cable and safety swivel hook.​
Optional Equipment
Wireline Hoist -
Hydraulically powered, used for wireline core drilling. 750 ft. [228 m] of 3/16" [4.8 mm] wireline cable and internal brake.
Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck Assembly -
"H" Chuck handles all rods/casings up to 3-1/2" [88.9 mm] OD.  Jaws must be changed for each rod or casing size.  
Cathead -
Hydraulically powered cargo type hoist.
Twin Pole Vertical Hole Derrick - 
Suited for 10 ft. [3.04 m] pulls and shallow hole applications.  Designed for twin pole main leg and two (2) back legs for raising and bracing the derrick.  Assembly includes double sheave for 1" [25.4 mm] manila rope and 5/16" [7.8 mm] cable.
Tachometer Kit - 
Electronic device to monitor RPM or drill rods.  
Trailer -
Includes ball or pintle type hitch and equipped with electric brakes and four (4) hand screw leveling jacks.
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