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We love driller's feedback -- and the new ROUSER is a manifestation of the feedback we've received.  Aggressive tracks, low ground pressure, and all of the versatility and power you expect from an Acker.
What separates the ROUSER?
Drill Head offers "Best of Both Worlds" for high-torque needed for augering and
high RPM needed for coring, making it the preeminent multipurpose drill rig.​
5 ft. [1.52 m] Dump Mast and Engine Leveler allow it to angle drill and drill on
slopes up to a 45 degree incline.
Various options and configurations.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit –
Turbo-Charged (4) cylinder, 134 HP @ 2,400 rpm with 12-volt electric start.  Liquid cooled.  Compliant with US EPA Tier 4 Final Emissions standards.

Engine Tilt -
Allows for drilling on hillsides up to 45 degrees. 

Feed –
6 ft. [1.82 m] stroke and capable of 15,000 pounds [6,803 kg] upward thrust and 15,000 pounds [6,803 kg] pull down.

Drill Head - 
3-5/8" [9.2 cm] spindle bore, accepts all rod sizes up to "HW" and casing sizes up to "N".  Eight (8) infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse. Hydraulically operated "slide type" drill head provides clearance for tool handling.  Drill head speeds are from zero to maximum RPM in each gear range.

Lo-Range (High Torque) -
1st Gear (0-88 RPM @ 5,284 ft./lbs. torque)
2nd Gear ( 0-184 RPM @ 2,526 ft./lbs. torque)
3rd Gear (0-340 RPM @ 1,370 ft./lbs. torque)
4th Gear (0-584 RPM @ 797 ft./lbs. torque)

Hi-Range (High Speed) -
1st   Gear (0-147 RPM @ 3,162 ft./lbs. torque)
2nd  Gear ( 0-307 RPM @ 1,511 ft./lbs. torque)
3rd  Gear (0-567 RPM @ 820 ft./lbs. torque)
4th  Gear (0-1,000 RPM @ 477 ft./lbs. torque)
Lubrication System -
Provides lubricating oil to drill head and transmission internal parts for extended bearing life.

Mast -
Welded structural steel supports and guides the rotation and feed components.  Hydraulically positioned then rigidly held in position for drilling (from 45° to 90°), hydraulically lowered to the travel position for moving from hole to hole.  Includes a crown block with sheaves.

Mast Dump -
A 5 ft. [6.1 m] hydraulic cylinder allows for convenient mast positioning when drilling angle holes or on uneven terrain.

Drill Frame -
Welded structural steel, supports the mast, control panel, winches and cathead.

Auger Guide -
Prevents "kick out" when starting new holes.  Available in multiple sizes to match preferred auger size. 

Control Panel -
All controls and gauges are grouped together in a convenient panel located at the left rear of the machine and facing the rear.

Undercarriage -
The entire drill is mounted on a structural steel frame, and is self-propelled by rubber crawler tracks with independent reversible hydraulic motor drive.  The track drive is operated with a remote radio control system with a back-up control, hi-lo speed selector, and remote throttle control . 100% gradability.  14" [35.56 cm] ground clearance.  4.6 PSI ground bearing pressure with standard equipment. 

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks –
Two (2) front and (2) rear mounted jacks with 36" [91 cm] stroke and lock check valves.
Optional Equipment
Main Drum Hoist -
8,500 lb. [3,855 kg] planetary type with rapid reverse and automatic brake.  Equipped with 75 ft. [22.8 m] of 1/2" [12.7 mm] cable.
Auxiliary Hoist -
2,500 lb. [1,334 kg] planetary type.  Equipped with 75 ft. [22.86 m] of 5/16" [8.1 mm] cable.
Wireline Hoist -
Hydraulically powered, used for wireline core drilling. 1,000 ft. [304 m] of 3/16" [4.8 mm] wireline cable.  Lifting capacity is 800 pounds [362 kg].​
Front Winch -
20,000 lb. [9,071 kg] planetary type with automatic brake.  Capable of operating in conjunction with tracks.  Equipped with 100 ft. [30.48 m] of 5/8" [16 mm] cable.
Cathead Cargo Type Hoist -
Hydraulically powered cargo type hoist.
Water Pump –
Progressive cavity Moyno 3L6 mud pump. Hydraulically driven. Capacity is 27 GPM at 225 psi.
Water Pump –
Progressive cavity Moyno 3L8 mud pump.  Hydraulically driven.  Capacity is 50 GPM at 225 psi.
Water Pump –
Triplex piston pump for high-pressure operations.  Flow capacity 22.6 GPM @ 425 psi.
Water Pump –
Triplex piston pump for high-pressure operations.  Flow capacity 30 GPM @ 425 psi.
Auger Rack -
Front mounted auger rack provides storage for up to 50 ft. of 4-1/4" [108 mm] hollow stem augers.
140 lb. [63.5 kg] Automatic SPT Hammer -
Hydraulically driven mechanism conforms to ASTM SPT.
Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck Assembly -
"H" Chuck handles all rods/casings up to 3-1/2" [88.9 mm] OD.  Jaws must be changed for each rod or casing size.
Hydraulic Rod Clamp –
Mast mounted for use in any drilling position or angle.  (2) opposing hydraulic cylinders facilitate rod and casing from 1-3/4" [44.4 mm] up to 4-1/2" [114.3 mm] diameter.  Includes (1) set of jaws.
Break-Out Wrench -
Hydraulically operated cylinder mounted to a wrench provides 1" [25.4 mm] - 6" [152.4 mm] diameter capacity to break drill rod.
Rod Tray and Double Tool Box -
Where space permits in lieu of Water Tank.
Water Tank -
Where space permits in lieu of double tool box.
Mast Extension -
For 15 ft. [4.5 m] rod pulls.

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