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The unique modular designed of the SOIL MECHANIC allows the assembly to be converted quickly from an augering unit to a unit capable of taking soil samples.  The cathead and hoisting jib provides a convenient way of taking soil samples and making SPT (Standard Penetration Tests) with a minimum of costs in equipment and time.
What separates the SOIL-MECHANIC?
Suited for restricted access areas.
Available with diesel or electric power.
General Information -
The compact diesel or electric power unit handles augers to a depth of approximately 24 ft. (7.3 m) under proper conditions. The power unit, through a unique right angle gear box, also operates the cathead hoist to raise a 140 lb. (63.5 kg) drive weight used to take soil samples and carry out SPT.
Two 10 in. (25.4 cm) rubber tired wheels are included for easy moving of the unit from one hole to another. The wheels are detachable as an assembly. Special features for the SOIL MECHANIC include a centering guide, anchor pins for stabilizing the base and a slip pin for securing the power head when transporting the unit. The SOIL MECHANIC also includes a hoisting jib with sheaves, cathead hoist, and a dolly wheel with hand towing handle.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit Options -

Hatz diesel engine, 7 HP @ 3,600 RPM, 25:1 parallel-shaft gear reducer, 320 lb.-ft. torque @ 144 rpm.  The diesel engine

features an adjustable throttle control.


Electric motor, 5 HP 208-230V three-phase 20:1 planetary gear ratio, 150 lb.-ft. torque @ 180 rpm.


Electric motor, 5 HP 230v single-phase 20:1 planetary gear ratio, 150 lb.-ft. torque @ 180 rpm.

Pull Down -
The operator has full control of the feed system to advance the augers and produce a clean hole.
Gear Box -
A unique gear box provides for smooth operation of the cathead drum.  Constructed of high quality cast iron, the gearbox is mounted low on the assembly to provide stability.  The engine drive output pins directly into the cathead drive assembly.
Cathead -
The cathead is utilized with the drive weight for making SPT (Standard Penetration Tests).  The cathead can be used for light duty hoisting applications.
Jib and Sheaves -
Hoisting assembly is easily installed in the top of the mounting.  Guide marks are provided to aid in mounting.
Safety Guide -
Helps to keep augers from walking when starting the hole.
Anchor Holes -
Holes are provided at each corner of the mounting for steel drive pin anchors to assist hold down and bolt down holes for concrete surfaces.
Towing Tongue -
The tongue and dolly wheel save time and effort when moving the equipment from hole to hole.
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