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PT-HD (Pavement Core Drill for Airport Runway Lights)

The Acker PT-HD is specifically designed for production core drilling of 36” runway light holes at major airports across the USA!  It’s incredible production and durability makes it the favorite of industrial electrical contractors!
What separates the PT-HD?
Core size up to 36" [91.4 cm] with incredible penetration rate.  Perfect for production core drilling of 36" [91.4 mm] airport runway lights.
Drill Head offers up to 1,027 RPM and up to 5,364 ft. lbs. of torque.
Adjustable Core Barrel Guide accommodates bits from 12" [30.4 cm] - 36" [91.4 cm].
Travel position in box truck allows rig to be stowed away from the elements and locked with overhead door.
525 gallon [1,987 L] Plastic Water Tank.
Standard Equipment
Power Unit –
Tier 4 Final.  (4) cylinder turbo-diesel, 74 HP @ 2,800 rpm with 12-volt electric start.  

Drill Head - 
3-5/8" [92.2 mm] spindle bore, accepts all rod sizes up to 3-1/2" [88.9 mm] OD.  Easy to service "bolt on" style drill head. Eight (8) infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse. Drill head speeds are from zero to maximum RPM in each gear range.
Lo-Range (High Torque) -
1st Gear (0-60 RPM @ 5,364 ft./lbs. torque)
2nd Gear ( 0-126 RPM @ 2,565 ft./lbs. torque)
3rd Gear (0-231 RPM @ 1,392 ft./lbs. torque)
4th Gear (0-398 RPM @ 809 ft./lbs. torque)
Hi-Range (High Speed) -
1st   Gear (0-155 RPM @ 2,079 ft./lbs. torque)
2nd  Gear ( 0-324 RPM @ 994 ft./lbs. torque)
3rd  Gear (0-597 RPM @ 539 ft./lbs. torque)
4th  Gear (0-1,027 RPM @ 314 ft./lbs. torque)

Lubrication System -
Provides lubricating oil to drill head and transmission internal parts for extended bearing life.

Core Barrel Guide –

Mounted on two double acting hydraulic cylinders.  Accommodates 12" [30.4 cm] - 36" [91.4 cm] bits.

Water Pump –

Progressive cavity Moyno 1L3 mud pump. Capacity is 7.6 GPM at 225 psi.

Mast –

Welded structural steel supports and guides the rotation and feed components.  

Accessories –

Water Swivel, Hoses, Spindle Adapter.


Box Truck Mounting

Dual Action Slide Base - 

Movement forward/back and side/side for precise positioning over hole.

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks -

Four hydraulic leveling jacks with lock check valves. Two rear, two front.

Water Tank -

525 gallon [1,987 L] plastic water tank.

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